A Business Plan for a New Era – workshop (LA Transition Enterprise Group event)

When: Thursday, May 24, 2012 7:00p-9:00p
Where: Holy Nativity Church, 6700 West 83rd, Los Angeles, CA map
Cost: $20 per person
Business plans are not just for your banker. You need to commit a plan to paper. We are in a new era -- a post-petroleum, post-carbon, socially-aware, economically lean time. Any plan created at this point in history must be dramatically different from the typical plans created in past decades, or else it is doomed to fail. In this group workshop you'll learn what to consider as you create a plan in this new era. You'll learn the elements of a basic business plan (businesses) or core statement (nonprofits), you'll practice writing sections of your plan, and you'll get to brainstorm with others who are similarly rolling up their sleeves to do this work. This is a bonus session in addition to our 6-part "Business in Transition" discussion series. It is designed for people who are running or starting a social enterprise, "green" business, or nonprofit. For more information, visit

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