Transition Enterprise Discussion Circle (Transition Los Angeles event)

When: February 8, 2012 7:00p-9:00p
Where: Classroom 2 at Holy Nativity
6700 West 83rd, Westchester, CA 90045
Cost: Free
How might our livelihoods change as we move into an uncertain future? How do you make your living today? Will that industry continue into a localized, post-petroleum, leaner economy future? Join us on a journey of exploration about business and livelihoods that can change. We are exploring new models for business which:
• improve local resilience or well-being
• work within energy/petroleum limitations
• have more independence from the globalized corporate macro-economy and its risks
• consider community benefit and get local people democratically involved

Thus far in our circle, we’ve explored topics like social justice, shared ownership, the type of businesses we’ll need, what we can do about banking, and Transition education. We’ve been inspired by the Mondragon group of cooperatives in Spain, the gift culture ideas of Charles Eisenstein, time banking and more. To attend, please RSVP to

Prerequisite reading: Catch up on the discussion via our wiki

Additionally, we are setting up a Roster of Transition-type businesses. Feel free to add your business to the list.