For Manhattan Beach Residents:

The Manhattan Beach Environmental Task Force and City of Manhattan Beach have created FREE environmental programs and services that will help Manhattan Beach residents save energy and water.

Free services include a Community Mulch pickup location at the City's Public Works Yard (3621 Bell Avenue) where free organic tree trimmings are available for you to take and use on your landscaping projects. The mulch program is self-service, so please bring your own tools and containers to transport the mulch.

Learn about the Post Office Demonstration Garden where residents can see how easy it is to adopt sustainable landscaping in their own yards. Get more information here FAQ

Sign up for a Landscape Sustainability Audit and have a landscape professional give free advice on how to adopt sustainable landscaping and reduce your water consumption. Visit the Get Your Free Audit Here webpage to schedule a visit with a landscape professional.

For more information on the City's environmental programs visit the Going Green website or attend an Environmental Task Force meeting.