Greywater System Maintenance: Advanced Workshop (Greywater Action event)

When: Friday, October 14, 2011 1:00pm-5:00pm
Where: LA Eco Village, 117 Bimini Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Sliding scale $25-50
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Simple greywater systems require very little maintenance, but a small amount is needed! An hour or two a year can keep greywater systems well functioning and improve their effectiveness. In the workshop we'll review best practices for creating long lasting systems. We'll observe existing greywater systems that are between two and three years old, from washing machine, shower, and kitchen sink. Participants will practice balancing greywater flows, checking mulch basins, and doing any repairs needed on the system.We will also review greywater system design, calculating greywater flows, plant water requirements, and new greywater technologies.This is a hands-on workshop, please wear clothes and shoes for working. Please bring a notebook for taking notes.

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