Permaculture Lecture and Hands-on Workshop with Dr. Bill Roley

When: Fri, Aug 26, 7pm-9pm Lecture/Q & A (snacks provided) $15

Sat, Aug 27, 10am-6pm Workday (potluck meals provided) $40

Sun, Aug 28, 9am-2pm+ Workday (brunch provided) $30

Where: 615 24th Place, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Cost: Individual charges or $75 for 3 day workshop

Join us for one day or for entire weekend workshop. But on Saturday and Sunday be sure to wear work clothes and be prepared to get learn as you work. The weekend workshop will cover land planning; how to build the design; irrigation; soil fertility management; composting and vermi-composting; mulching; permaculture lasagna; planting annual and perennial herbs, vegetables, fruit and nut trees; and applied learning with micro fowl (chicks).

This weekend workshop will be led by Dr. Bill Roley, the director of the Permaculture Institute of Southern California. Dr. Roley is an applied ecologist, environmental instructor and consultant. He also designs strategies to improve sustainable resources for homes, organizations, governments and businesses. He heads the Ecological Restoration Certificate Program at Saddleback College and teaches biology at Soka University.

David Holmgren, an Australian ecologist, coined the word Permaculture in the mid 1970’s. Dr. Bill Mollison, an environmental psychology professor, popularized the use of this word.

It is a contraction of "permanent agriculture" or "permanent culture." Permaculturalists design ecological human habitats and food production systems. Permaculture is a land use and community building movement, which strives for the harmonious integration of human dwellings, microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, and water into stable, productive communities. RSVP by email to

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