“A Conversation with Rob Hopkins” Teleconference (Transition U.S. event)

When: Monday, July 18, 2011 8:00a-9:15a Pacific Time
Cost: Free

Join us for a conversation with Rob Hopkins. Rob needs no introduction really but if you are new to the concept of "Transition" then this is a great opportunity to learn from the source. Rob Hopkins is the originator of the Transition concept and co-founder of the Transition Network. He spent many years teaching Permaculture and cob building, mostly when living in Ireland. Now based in Totnes, he is a member of Transition Town Totnes, works part time for Transition Network, publishes, is author of the ‘Transition Handbook’ and generally spends far too much time thinking about Transition stuff. He is also a Trustee of the Soil Association. Rob is a family man with 4 sons, Rowan, Finn, Cian and Arlo, and is deeply in love with the raised beds he just finished building. To join this teleconference, kindly email Or you may register online at After registration, you will receive email instructions as to how to get onto the teleconference call.

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